About Me

Hello. I’m Peggy Trujillo, and I love telling stories.

I currently live in Frederick, Maryland. It’s where I was when I retired from the Navy. I plan to move to Carrizozo, New Mexico, sometime after I earn my bachelor’s in communication arts from Hood College.

I got a late start at college, choosing to spend 20 years in the Navy before earning a college degree.

I loved my time in the Navy. I spent the first 10 years as a journalist and the next 10 as a mass communication specialist. Not much changed for me between the two titles. During those 20 years, I would bounce back and forth between the print side and broadcasting, with public affairs thrown in to varying degrees along the way.

My full resume includes more detailed information about exactly what I’ve done, but to sum it up, I wrote news stories and features, took photos, shot and edited video news stories, and produced radio and video news. In addition to performing those activities I supervised and led others in performing those tasks, as well as print production and graphic design.

I spent my last three years in the Navy teaching journalism and public affairs at the Defense Information School to the next generation of Navy mass communication specialists. I found a love for teaching adults, and that is what I plan to do after I get my degree. Obviously, that means pursuing a master’s degree when I complete my bachelor’s.

All of these things fit well with my ENFJ personality. For me, it all boils down to telling a good story, no matter how I choose to tell it.