My place in conversation prism

For the past week, we have been talking about the conversation prism. One of the most interesting things about it is how it changes over time. In the fast-changing digital world, adaptability is a must.

Taking  a look at where I fall for my media consumption, there were some things that I expected, and some that came as a surprise.

Most of my time is spent on Facebook, which falls into the social network category. For the sites featured on the prism, Facebook is the only one I frequent in that category. I would have counted all aspects of Facebook as one entity. However, the site breaks down to many parts. So, my time there does get divided into other sections as well.

I don’t live stream often, but when I do, I use Facebook Live. I choose the site because I’m already familiar with the platform, so for doing something I don’t do often, it simplifies the process.

I also use Facebook Messenger, which obviously falls into the messaging category. I probably go about 50/50 on using Messenger and my actual text messages. My favorite thing about Messenger is the fact that parents can set up an account for their kids, where the parents choose who they can talk to. This allows me to message or video chat with my nieces and nephews.

Instagram and Snap Chat also fall into the messaging category, but fall into other categories as well. I never use them for messaging. I just post pictures.

I do use Skype for messaging, but that is only because I work at Frederick Community College, and it is the system they use to message.

The site that comes second in sucking my time is YouTube. I don’t go on there everyday, but when I do, it’s like falling into a black hole. I subscribe to certain channels on there, which allows me to see the videos I really like. I don’t comment all the time, but sometimes I do.

I also spend a lot of time on blogs and microblogs. Most of the time I have spent on Twitter has been due to class or work requirements. I occasionally browse, but mostly I still don’t get the fascination.

I spent a lot of time on Tumblr posting my grandfather’s World War II letters. I would have posted them on Word Press if I had known about it at the time. That brings me to where I spent a lot of time last semester. I started my “Women and the Military” blog for class, but plan to keep it up now that class is over. The link is available on this blog. I have really enjoyed that.

When it comes to learning and teaching, I frequently use content networking sites. Prezi is my favorite of these, but I have used others for things like studying, presenting, and sharing files. These include Drop Box, Scribd, Slideshare, and Google drive.

For quantified self, I use Myfitnesspal and Garmin Connect. I like them because they connect with each other.

I use a few others, but these are my primary places.

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