Concluding Intro to Digital Communication

We have almost completed our Introduction to Digital Communication Course, with only our final presentations left to do.

Looking back at what we have learned, I realize that much of what we did during the semester reminded me of another introductory course I took at Hood College. Both courses were primarily focused on becoming more media literate.

The biggest difference was that we looked at some things, like digital branding, in greater depth.

One of the new concepts for me was the conversation prism. It was interesting to see how much changes in the digital world in just a few years. For me that stresses the importance of staying on top of the changes as they happen.

Some trends may come and go, but keeping track is important. It helps us know when we may want to be part of the conversation.

Overall, it was a very interesting experience, especially being able to talk to people in so many different industries.

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